I'm Tommaso Nervegna, Milan based "Digital Solution Architect", a long title that basically means "I'll do anything you ask me to, as long as it's digital."

I like the being constantly inspired by discovery and sensing that I'm always doing something worthwile. I need to know that what’s achieved by my actions excites and thrills me, every single day.

Unfortunatly, due to my tech centric passions, as many of us I found myself suffering from information over-consumption. My passions and work had taken over my life. Technology was no longer a tool, but a taskmaster.

So I started planning an escape route, a Way Out.

This website is a digital tool kit. A journal of my elaborated escape from unthoughtful technology consumption. My most radical thoughts, tips, ideas and inspirations on an online travel diary for digital creatives.

As for me, I like to define myself as a digital nomad always on the search of new strategies to be applied in all fields of communication.
My daily task is to educate my team and clients on emerging short-term and long-term technological and cultural trends that influence digital marketing and advertising strategies.
The unyielding passion for beautiful design and experiences that delight the consumer make my skills a great fit for those who believe in what they do. I love working with passionate clients who want to share their passion with others. 

My goal is to delight customers and users with functional, beautiful, and purposeful digital solutions by creating a solid bridge between design and user experience through innovation, always keeping in mind the synergy between great design and commercial effectiveness.

User experience is the tool by which I can connect with people through emotional and intuitive communication. Design is a concrete dream that every day allows me to color my projects and ideas by offering them the opportunity to have a voice, to exist.

Growing up as a geek and technology enthusiast, I always try to experiment with new forms of digital communications, enhancing my clients projects with specialized enthralling and aimed solutions. 

For effective work to be done you need to care about what you do and Live intentionally. 

My motto is "Be your biggest fan and your worst client".



To pursue my goals I graduated in Digital Communication. This allowed me to identify the key I needed to open the door to a world that, until few years ago existed only in my mind. Now I simply let the academic knowledge, scientific and humanistic studies fuse with the world of creativity to produce an innovative and communicative impact amplified in my projects.


Design Thinking
Digital Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Front-end Development
Digital Project Management


Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or email me at

I read every email I recieve, but I often don’t respond in a timely manner, if even at all. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t write back, just remember that you are still awesome.